Welcome to our world of self improvement

On this site you'll find some pearls of wisdom (or at least we hope you do) for you to use on your travels in life. They are collected from personal experience and teachings encountered during this life.

This website shares the best of these lessons. They cover a range of topics and we hope you'll find them helpful to you.

The aim is that you'll find at least some of them useful and will be able to integrate them into your life. Perhaps you may even think your life needs a reshuffle after reading these!

So be inspired by our collection and take action if action is required!

How we use them

It's hard to act on every piece of advice you receive. Some of it you reject as useless, some is somewhat useful whilst others you probably wonder why you don't use even though they're useful.

Every now and then you come along a piece of advice that makes you think to yourself, "Yes I need to do that in my life."

That is the purpose of this site. We'd be lying if we said that we follow every single piece of advice here all of the time. Though we do try.

The aim is that some of these may make a difference in your life. For example you may read something about courage when it comes to your goals. This may inspire you to enrol in some street dance classes in London or you may decide to learn programming at a night college in Boston.

The best thing is wherever in the world you are, you can apply this advice to help you on your life journey. So welcome those in Shanghai, the people of the UK, Australia and everywhere else!

Perhaps your wishes are simple. You may just want to be happy. We hope the simple advice you find will help you on your path to happiness also.